Video Tutorials


Saving you ££

Some companies charge clients every time they ask to have content changed on their website.  With a content management system, there is absolutely no need for this to be the case and most of my clients manage their own content independently.  Of course, if there's something significantly more complicated to change on the site - introducing new functionality for example - we would have to negotiate a very reasonable fee.  However, updating most of the content (text, images, new pages) can all be done by you.  For simple things, such as adding a new page if you didnt' feel completely confident doing this - I wouldn't charge.


The beauty of a Content Management System (CMS)

If you can edit a document on a Word processor and you have some computing skills (e.g. resizing images) then you can edit the content on your own website.  Of course there is a learning curve involved, but you don't have to be a web designer or know several propgramming languages to edit your own content.  That's the beauty of having your website built with a mature, open-source CMS, namely Joomla!


Video Tutorials

Clients want to learn how to edit their own website in their own time, so in order to do this I've created a number of video tutorial for you to watch.  They are held on a separate website, to which you will be give access.  Your website will be created on a development domain, which gives several advantages.  For a start, you get to see your website being built along the way and so you have every chance for input at this stage.  Furthermore, you can practise editing content on your website on the development domain, so that when it moves across to the live domain you should feel confident about managing your content.  I also leave the development site up for a couple of weeks, so you can keep practising on there before changing the live site.  There are nearly 50 videos available to watch, some of which are shown below to give you an example.