About Me


Ok... I admit it... I'm not really a web designer.


web-designWell, perhaps I am.  I guess this page is an admission of honesty, in a "what you see is what you get" kind of a way.  I'm actually Deputy Head at a school in Surrey and the whole website thing grew out of a project where I investigated content management systems for the school.


After much work, I built a 'proof of concept' website for a friend of mine to show to the school's leadership team  They were impressed at what could be done and the school went ahead and built its new website using the same content management system as I do now!


Anyway, my friend's website (the third iteration of which can be found by clicking here) was admired by several friends of his and so I built sites for them and then one for a charity which has a friend on its executive committee and the whole thing rather gathered pace!


So... I've confessed my sins (or something like that...) and if you're still interested in talking about a website, then do please contact me :)