Frequently Asked Questions


faqWhat functionality comes built in?

Without having to pay any more for extra functionality (e.g. e-commerce) you can:

  • edit your own content
  • have as many menu items/pages as you wish
  • have image galleries
  • embed videos
  • have a blog
  • have password protected pages
  • have contact forms


Do you do the whole digital marketing package?

Nope!  If you want the whole marketing thing, then I'm definitely not the person for you - there will be plenty of companies offering this expensive service.  If you want a good looking fucntional website that you can edit yourself, then I might be!


Can't I get a website for free these days?

Yes, but not from me :)  There are some services that allow you to create a basic site for free, but what you can actually have is relatively limited.  For example, I recently worked with a client who wanted password-protected pages for his clients, with groups of clients having access to certain pages.  The service providing his basic website was free, but adding this functionality required an expensive monthly fee.


How come you're cheaper than other companies?

I'm in the fortunate position that this isn't my main source of income - I'm Deputy Head at a school in Surrey.  So, I don't need to charge mega-£££ in order to pay my mortgage.  I'm not a professional website developer, but do please take a look at my portfolio and see what you think!


We're a small charity with limited funds.  Can we get a website for free?

Maybe!  Get in touch and let's discuss what you need.


Can I have emails too?

Within reason, yes!  if you want a significant number of email addresses all having lots of storage space, you will probably need a seperate hosting account for your website.


Are there any hidden costs?

Nope.  You'll pay for the website (a one-off fee), you'll pay £120 annually for the hosting (if you host with me) and you can opt to pay an annual fee (negotiated depending on the complexity of the website) for me to update your website.  This optional updating fee (which in most cases is less than £100) is for me to update the core content management system and any extensions you have that add extra functionality (e.g. online booking, e-commerce).  I can explain more about this when you enquiry about your website.